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Dr.-Ing. André Werner

Patent Attorney
European Patent Attorney
European Trademark Attorney
European Design Attorney

Unified Patent Court Representative

Dr. Werner is an engineering graduate for material science, Doctor of Engineering in the field of materials technology and surface technology. Furthermore Dr. Werner is certified in the field of quality management (DGQ Quality Systems Manager Junior) und in the field of business administration.
Dr. Werner

In addition to patent, trademark, design, copyright and competition law, Dr. Werner, as an engineer in the field of mechanical engineering and process engineering, has in-depth knowledge and experience from over 15 years of activity in the research and development area of the aviation industry, in particular in the areas of materials and surface technology. In this context, Dr. Werner has led national and international research and development projects, participated in international industrial partnerships and has been responsible for the development of various aircraft engine components in all stages of the technology process - from the first development idea to series production.

Services & Profile

We deal with all aspects of intellectual property law.
This includes particularly:

filing and maintenance of patents, trademarks, utility models and design patents and legal representation through all instances

legal representation of copyright and competition law cases related to commercial legal protection including software protection

license agreements and agreements concerning acquisition and transfer of intellectual property rights

elaboration of technical and legal surveys

preparation of search reports concerning state of the art, novelty, identity and non-infringement as well as monitoring of patents, trademarks and designs

consulting in cases of infringement and legal representation in court

monetary assessment of patent, utility model, trademarks and design rights and calculation of inventors compensation

funding consultancy in terms of patent, trademark and design application

presentations, lectures and seminars on selected intellectual property issues

Our consulting and service profile covers all aspects of national and international patent attorneys activities on intellectual property
With the emphasis on:

mechanical engineering, production engineering, surface technology, environmental engineering

mechatronics, traffic engineering

air handling and refrigeration technology

electrical engineering, especially solar and wind energy technologies

medical engineering

materials engineering and innovative materials, especially high-performance materials and composite materials made of synthetics, metals, wood, glass, ceramics, concrete, nanomaterials and recycling materials

additive manufacturing technology (3D-print)

precision mechanics and micromechanics

automation technology, process measuring and control technology, sensor technology

laser technology, especially in the field of materials processing, measuring technology and medical engineering

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