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Patent and Inventor Law 

Patents and utility models grant monopoly rights to inventions, for example to a new device, a new substance or a new process. Fundamental ideas for solving technical problems can be protected most comprehensively by means of these protective rights. Since the inventor plays a central role, in the case of inventions by employees the conditions of employee invention law must also be observed. 


Trade Mark Law

By marking your products and service become distinctive. Brands, company names, work titles and geographical indications of origin offer permanent protection for this purpose. Registering your own trademarks is - especially for your online presence - an essential aspect in order to set yourself apart from the competition.


Design Law

Registered designs grant protection for aesthetic creations, for example the design of everyday objects or the design of a logo. They are a proven means of combating plagiarism.


Copyright and Competition Law

Copyright and competition law complement commercial property rights, in particular design law in the case of aesthetic creations, trademark law in the case of misleading information and patent law in the case of computer programs.

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